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Overseer is an Artificial Intelligence assisted Business Management Software, designed to successfully guide Freelancers & Entrepreneurs through pitfalls of bureaucracy when starting and managing a business.

Artificial Intelligence Toolkit for all your business needs

Whether your business is new or well established, big or small, global or local, Overseer has all the tools necesary to help you grow and sustain. Cutting edge Artificial Intelligence technology is designed to watch your back by running background checks on your customers (AML & KYC), identify potentially fraudulent individuals, remind of annual TAX and Company House rituals and assist with completing them, while making sure your company adheres to your local government rules and regulations.

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Quick To Start, Easy To Master

You don’t need to be an accountant, nor have any bookkeeping experience to use Overseer. Create invoices, send them to customers, track your product stock and keep up to date with payments, in minutes after registering an account.


Accountant Friendly!
Invite Yours to Collaborate.

A lot of Business Intelligence software providers want to replace your accountant and encourage you to do bookkeeping all by yourself. While it’s certainly an option with Overseer, the very least thing we want - is for you to dump the person who took care of your business prior to discovering Overseer. Instead, we wish to encourage co-operation by providing an option to set them up with a login, that allows access to the system, so they can audit your reports, transactions and get all the information they need from you. They can use Overseer’s services to compile data into forms, such as annual tax returns and even sign-off on them digitally through the system! All of this greatly reduces paperwork and as a result - alleviates accountancy related spending.